Massimo Bottura opens Refettorio Paris. Fighting food waste and hunger

12 Apr 2018, 15:28 | a cura di Livia Montagnoli

It had been announced via Le Figaro at the end of last summer; now the project is actually materialized. Since last March 15th, Paris too has had its own Refettorio by Chef Massimo Bottura.


Finally, he made it: Massimo Bottura has opened The Refettorio Paris, a place for those seeking refuge and a hot meal. The refectory is housed in the halls already used as a soup kitchen by the volunteers of the Parisian association Le Foyer de la Madeleine.

To remodel the spaces, in the well-established past experience of Food for Soul in Italy and abroad, the French artists, designers and architects JR and Prune Nourry, Kubra Khademi, Nicola Delon and Ramy Fischler have been summoned for the job.

In the coming weeks, therefore, in the kitchens of the crypt will work famous chefs––French and not––who have responded to Massimo Bottura’s call. The food will be supplied by the Carrefour supermarket group, thanks to the collaboration of The Food Bank association and Phenix, a Paris company that favours reuse of food waste, distributing them to those in need. The refectory will serve 100 meals a day.

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