“Treni storici del gusto”, a gastronomic itinerary via Sicilian railway lines

2 Ago 2018, 09:30 | a cura di Michela Becchi

A journey of memory discovering Sicily, in a train car of the '30s around the most impressive railway lines of the island. The itinerant program of Fondazione FS Italiane and Regione Sicilia is back, which this year is enriched with many gastronomic stops.


The project

Crossing Sicily, with its landscapes, its breathtaking views, its chromatic nuances, savoring all of its best flavours: this is the itinerary designed by Fondazione FS Italiane and Regione Sicilia, a discovery journey amid the region's best, among historical, naturalistic, artistic, but also gastronomic. The project is called "I treni storici del gusto" and after last year's success, this year is enriched with many new elements. 23 itineraries aboard a train car of the '30s, from Ragusa to Syracuse, passing through the historic towns of Modica, Noto, Scicli, Ragusa Ibla, and along the coastline, both Ionian and Tyrrhenian, touching Taormina, Catania, Cefalù, Palermo and Messina.

The local gastronomy

A journey that started on July 28th and will continue until December, between archaeological heritage sites (the historic Agrigento line, from Porto Empedocle to the archaeological park of Akragas, from Palermo to Segesta) as well as gastronomic. The protagonist of the event is in fact the rich culinary culture of the island: travellers can taste - on board the train and in the stops - many typical local dishes, taking part in festivals, cultural events and festivals hosted in various municipalities, discovering local products, specialties and the oldest recipes that over time have forged the identity of the various villages.

Slow travel

A traveling event conceived in the name of slow travel, a model that's increasingly in vogue, preferring relaxation and calm to haste and speed, finding quality time to spend on guided tours, long walks in nature and refreshing breaks of in front of a good dish. 50 journeys to explore the most beautiful corners of Sicily and taste the best products, in the name of communal sharing and conviviality, guided by the famous "centoporte" car and its retro charm.


Inaugurating the event, is the "Train of votive loaves, sea festivals and conventual pastries", which will run through the Agrigento valley of the temples, but there will also be the "Train of the street kitchen and the rites of the sea", which from Catania will arrive at the Gole dell'Alcantara, the "Train of pistachio" and the Baroque train too, the "Train of torrone, of chocolate and other sweets" travels from Caltanissetta to Modica, the "Train of pizzas, focacce and donuts", the "Train of sweet devotions" tavels from Catania to Dittaino, the "Train of gelato in the Nebrodi" from Messina to Palermo, the "Train of sweets and cheeses of the Val di Mazara", from Palermo to Caltanissetta, the "Train of oil and whole grain bread", from Palermo to Castelvetrano, just to name a few. The journey into taste that combines scents of Sicily with the most beautiful treasures of the island.


by Michela Becchi
translated by Eleonora Baldwin

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