Wine Travel Food - April 2019

14 Mag 2019, 12:13 | a cura di Gambero Rosso
History and evolution of club sandwich, Mauro Uliassi's idea of cuisine, top Italian restaurants in the world and so much more in our latest Wine Travel Food.

Club Sandwich Theory and Practice

Functional and delicious at the same time, perfect spokesman for fast food despite its slow preparation: a syncretic dish that in the world of cooks brings every together...

Montefalco Sagrantino, a caresse in a punch

Among the people of Montefalco discovering stories and unique glasses around the world, dark an tannic, which recall a sense of the sacred...

Mauro Uliassi, talent and eclecticism on the Adriatic

Uliassi's eclectic spirit and the ability to combine traditional meat dishes with the fruits of the sea. The restaurant of Mauro and Catia Uliassi is on our very top list...

Top Italian Restaurants in Dubai

Waiting for Expo 2020, the city is seeing a surge in new Italian restaurant openings, which are also ushering wine consumption...

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