How the Universe of craft beer is evolving between microbreweries and industry

Italian craft beer is less than 30 years old, a new wave that follows the Italian approach to beer started in the country's industrial plants in the mid-1800s. Here's how the beer sector is developing in Italy.

Aug. 01 2019

USA. Spending for alcohol goes over $253 billion in 2018

Beer registered 200.2 million barrels with a cost increase of 5% to $117.3 billion. Spirits grew by 2.9% in volume, with 235.6 million 9-liter cases: here is how United States are spending money on alcohol.

Feb. 06 2019

Coffee Collective, the roaster that’s taking Copenhagen by storm

To brew a fine cup of coffee one needs to study, dedication and research. In order to promote the black gold coffee culture, and instil awareness in consumers, one needs entrepreneurial mentality and a pinch of courage. Like Coffee Collective ...Leggi altro

Sep. 29 2017

Beer Stories. Hipster and craft, born in the USA

Today the symbol of an entire approach to life, artisan beer is enjoying an exceptional boom in the United States. Here, where homemade beer has always had a role, is where the craft revolution began.

Jun. 18 2016

Beer stories. Italian Grape Ale: a unique style for a Bel Paese beer

Are beer and wine two diametrically opposed worlds? Italian brewers don’t think so. For years they have been adding must, sapa and grapes to their beers, creating a new, totally Italian style.

May. 23 2016

Birra del Borgo/AB InBev case, interview with Jean Hummler of Moeder Lambic

Upon learning of Birra del Borgo’s purchase – one of Italy’s best known craft beer breweries by AB Inbev, the industry’s leading multinational conglomerate, we raced to Brussels to interview Jean Hummler who is famous for his beer bar Moeder ...Leggi altro

Apr. 29 2016
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