Neapolitan pizzaiolo Gennaro Nasti after Popine now opens Bijou: gourmet pizza in Paris

The pizza chef from Secondigliano opened his first pizzeria Popine in Paris only a few months ago. Neapolitan doughs, innovative ideas and Italian ingredients brought him immediate success. Now Gennaro opens Bijou to bake his style of gourmet pizza.

Oct. 24 2016

Chefs de Gare: French gourmet cuisine at the train stations

[caption id="attachment_128308" align="alignnone" width=""]Gare du Nord, Parigi[/caption] Eight chefs in eight train stations: this is Chefs de Gare, the food festival created by SNCF, French railway company, to promote French itineraries and regional heritage. The concept is simple but promises ...Leggi altro

Oct. 17 2016

Denny Imbroisi, Ida in Paris. An Italian in France

He named his restaurant after his sister, Ida, and parisians are going mad for his pasta based menu. Denny Imbroisi has enchanted his customers with the taste of traditions.

Jun. 19 2016
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