Barolo. Family-run and sustainable: 9 wineries giving life to the Deditus brand

Deditus is a new association bringing together nine wineries that produce Barolo with grapes cultivated in respect of the environment. Here's the story.

May. 14 2020

Wine and the happy eggplant. Starting over after Coronavirus

How will the wine sector be after Coronavirus? It's time for a new start. With the words written by Chilean author Luis Sepúlveda.

May. 06 2020

Urban beekeeping. Enter B-Box, the balcony beehive to make honey in the city

Projects relating to urban beekeeping, which is fundamental for the protection of bees and the environment, are constantly increasing. The latest addition is B-Box, a homemade beehive for making honey in the city.

Apr. 02 2020

Dutch company Fooditive launch a sweetener made from fruit scraps

A healthy sweetener, virtually calorie-free, and that's also sustainable, made from fruit rejected by supermarkets because not aesthetically perfect. Here is the new sugar substitute.

Mar. 10 2020

Why is water sold in a carton not the solution to fight plastic

Many ideas have emerged in recent months to reduce the use of disposable plastic, including water sold in cartons. But is it really the answer?

Jan. 14 2020

Loose product stores in Milan: where to shop sans plastic

There's a solidarity shop that gives work to people who have been unemployed for over 6 months, a retro-style grocery store and a self-managed pop-up store: here's a list of the loose product shops in Milan.

Dec. 17 2019

Bee_nfluencer, the Instagram star in defense of biodiversity

Her name is B., her Instagram profile is Bee_nfluencer features in great detail what the good practices are for bee preservation. Plus, she's a real web star.

Nov. 20 2019

Grocery shopping sans plastic: loose product stores in Rome

Not a trend of the moment (plastic-free, is on everyone's lips), nor a passing fad: in starting to rethink our way of shopping is now necessary. Here's where to buy in Rome.

Nov. 15 2019

Shopping on tap: the advantage of buying unpackaged

One goes to the store with one's own containers, choosing the necessary foods and placing them directly in the bags. Without plastic or other packaging. It's the new (old) concept of shopping on tap, which is back in fashion: here ...Leggi altro

Nov. 13 2019

In London milkmen are back. Glass bottles delivered door to door

Home delvered milk? In London it's again possible, thanks to the return of milkmen in charge of delivering returnable glass bottles. Thus avoiding a significant amount of plastic or tetrapak waste

Nov. 11 2019
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