Lula Farms, the world’s largest rooftop greenhouse is in Montreal

The Lula Farms farm boasts 4 urban greenhouses in Montreal, but only the latest one inaugurated is the largest rooftop greenhouse in the world. The whole story.

Sep. 08 2020

Mandatory composting in Vermont, to protect the environment and the circular economy

Household or neighbourly, composting is now mandatory in Vermont, a state of rural communities seeking to live more sustainably.

Aug. 24 2020

Greenpeace and European citizens in defense of bees: petitions to save them

After the environmental disaster in Croatia, which led to the death of over 50 million bees, a quick change is increasingly urgent. Here are two petitions to sign to ask governments to safeguard pollinators.

Jul. 27 2020

Paysages Nourriciers: 50 vegetable gardens throughout the city of Nantes to counter the crisis

The project promoted by the French city aims to supply poor families with fresh, healthy and local vegetables for free. Fifty vegetable gardens sown throughout the city, 25 tons of product that these will supply between July and September.

Jun. 30 2020

Monini turns 100 and celebrates in the name of sustainability and quality

The Sustainability Plan made by Monini for its 100th anniversary includes the planting of one million olive trees in 10 years with organic, controlled and tracked cultivation. Here's how.

Jun. 11 2020

From Farm to Fork. Pros and cons of the new European farming strategy

What are the advantages and critical points of the new European From Farm to Fork strategy. Sustainability is great, but imports from third party countries need regulations and flexibility.

Jun. 05 2020

Barolo. Family-run and sustainable: 9 wineries giving life to the Deditus brand

Deditus is a new association bringing together nine wineries that produce Barolo with grapes cultivated in respect of the environment. Here's the story.

May. 14 2020

Wine and the happy eggplant. Starting over after Coronavirus

How will the wine sector be after Coronavirus? It's time for a new start. With the words written by Chilean author Luis Sepúlveda.

May. 06 2020

Urban beekeeping. Enter B-Box, the balcony beehive to make honey in the city

Projects relating to urban beekeeping, which is fundamental for the protection of bees and the environment, are constantly increasing. The latest addition is B-Box, a homemade beehive for making honey in the city.

Apr. 02 2020

Dutch company Fooditive launch a sweetener made from fruit scraps

A healthy sweetener, virtually calorie-free, and that's also sustainable, made from fruit rejected by supermarkets because not aesthetically perfect. Here is the new sugar substitute.

Mar. 10 2020
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