Indian antipasto, Russian starter, Italian entrée and Argentine dessert. All of these dishes are made with milk. Here are a handful of world recipes that add value to the dairy industry.... 11 June
The classic Italian cuisine bond of bread and tomatoes is today one of the world symbols of the boot-shaped peninsula. Read on to learn more about summer specialties.... 06 June
Recipes and explanations of chocolate ganache, pastry cream (classic and chocolate-based), crème anglaise, whipped cream, Chantilly and diplomatic cream.... 08 May
Four ideas for tonight's dinner: potato gnocchi, semolina gnocchi, pumpkin gnocchi and bread gnocchi. Here are the recipes.... 26 April
Out of ideas for tonight's dinner? Here are three recipes from the Veneto region: Sarde in saor, Risi e bisi and Baccalà alla vicentina.... 03 April
Italy is preparing for two full days of celebratory eating rituals: Easter and Pasquetta, Italian for Easter Monday. The foods enjoyed during this holiday define the Italian culture of rebirth.... 26 March
“Cucina is a discovery of new things, of forgotten things”. A view of Marco Ambrosino's cuisine through 4 of his tastiest recipes.... 21 March
Supplì, Carbonara and Oxtail “alla vaccinara,” are three of the most renowned Roman cuisine dishes. Read on for step-by-step recipes and successful results.... 15 March
Starter, entrée and dessert for an all-Emilian menu. Here are the recipes for pumpkin-filled cappellacci di zucca, cotoletta alla bolognese and torta di riso.... 28 February
Simple, creative, practical, contemporary: a view of Simone Cipriani's modern cuisine through 3 of his tastiest recipes.... 23 February
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