The last Italian pizza maker to have succumbed to the call of the UK sirens is Ciro Salvo, who is preparing to export the 50 Kalò format in London.... 11 April
How is Polish contemporary cuisine developing? Michelin-star chef Andrea Camastra traverses all registers of local traditions into his restaurant Senses. Here is his story.... 09 April
The name PQR stands for "pizza quadrata romana" (Roman-style pizza squares) the newest pizza joint in Manhattan, crafted by Angelo Iezzi, of Angelo e Simonetta in Rome and pioneer of the pizza genre... 06 April
Out of ideas for tonight's dinner? Here are three recipes from the Veneto region: Sarde in saor, Risi e bisi and Baccalà alla vicentina.... 03 April
Is there just one correct way of making Carbonara, or are there many? Tradition that’s open to change, or only one authentic recipe? On #CarbonaraDay the debate is on!... 03 April
The European Union has made a choice: all the plastic products will be eliminated from supermarkets by the end of 2030. Meanwhile, Amsterdam presents the first plastic-free market.... 30 March
After being the first to introduce Russian ingredients in the local haute cuisine, Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy are now focusing on farm-to-table that’s so popular in the West.... 30 March
Ever experienced the high tea ritual? It's possible to experience this ancient afternoon tradition in London until mid, thanks to a Victorian era tea room.... 28 March
Italy is preparing for two full days of celebratory eating rituals: Easter and Pasquetta, Italian for Easter Monday. The foods enjoyed during this holiday define the Italian culture of rebirth.... 26 March
Chocolate and jam crostata, brioche-like leavened cake, but also an Easter basket filled with sweet and savoury delights. Here are all (or almost all) the Easter dishes of Poland.... 26 March

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