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€ 35

Reviewed in 2017

Gennaro Nasti’s journey has taken him from Secondigliano to Paris by way of Barcelona, Chicago, Seattle. The common denominator is always pizza, a Neapolitan delight that aspires to new heights and a pizza that is now famous in the French capital. The pies here boasted light, well aired whole grain flour dough, and topped with lots of Italian products. But the real surprise is now Bijou, gourmet pizzeria and cocktail bar at the foot of the Sacre Coeur. The menu features all the house classics and a selection of pizzas sold by slice, such as the pizza Antica with ragout made with slow-cooked and smoked heirloom Corbara tomatoes and bufala. Or the pizza Bedogni topped with prosciutto, stracciatella and extra virgin olive oil. Ingredients arrive fresh from Italy, while the wine list is very extensive and extremely well-focused on attentive vignerons. This is our Pizzeria of the Year.