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Fine Dining

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HK$ 1,600

Reviewed in 2017

You need to change elevators to reach the 102th floor of the ICC Tower, the eighth tallest building in the world, in Kowloon. This is the reign of Pino Lavarra, a native of Puglia and naturalized Neapolitan, one of the most talented Italian chefs abroad. Chefs as pure as him are rare in this part of the world. Lavarra has matured great experiences in Italy and abroad, and has now stopped here to offer Italian international cuisine made with excellent ingredients (truffles and caviar), great attention to detail and much research, both in the kitchen and in the cellar, with perfect pairings. The menu is complex with clean flavours. Among the most impressive dishes are Fusilli al Ferretto with chicken ragout and Provolone cheese; and the Loin of Lamb roasted with herbs, almonds and tomatoes. This is the perfect place to enjoy the game of lights that every night at 8 p.m. transforms Hong Kong into Gotham City.