Touched by three Italian regions, Lake Garda’s gastronomic vivacity is conquering an increasing number of fine dining lovers.... 3 hours ago
A new wine column for Progetto50. Toncelli designs a brand new tower for Eurocucina exhibit. Here’s how it looks like... 25 June
Meat is only a mirage, fridges are empty and buying a piece of bread is almost impossible. The images of starving people in Venezuela are shocking.... 24 June
An unmissable event for coffeelovers in Dublin: from today until saturday, tasting sessions, competitions, seminars on coffee and much more in this great exhibition... 23 June
Looking for a special University major? Check out this one on grape pruning. In Bordeaux, a new course of study for wine lovers is about to start... 22 June
If you love wine, Vinum Hotels are the right choice for you. A new hotel chain among the great landscapes of Alto Adige... 21 June
If you're in Madrid missing Italian food, try Casabase, a small food shop with many high quality Italian ingredients. In a great Spanish bread.... 20 June
His name is Denny Imbroisi and people in Paris are going crazy for his carbonara. Young and talented, Denny shows promise as a chef.... 19 June
From 1587 to 2016, the consumption of American craft beer is deeply-rooted in traditions. Let's discover who has made the history of this product.... 18 June
Love the sea and can’t do without your morning cuppa? Here are the Italian destinations for you.... 17 June
The latest survey on the eating preferences of young Italians notes a considerable majority that simply cannot live without pasta.... 16 June
Culinary literature: a newly released book honors the Roscioli family and decades of bread-making, fine dining and food excellence... 15 June
Between a hand of poker and a round of roulette Las Vegas will offer increasingly luxe dining options: NoMad Restaurant and Eataly... 14 June
Naples insider's dining guide and favorite hangouts suggested by Alfonso Iaccarino, Gino Sorbillo, Marianna Vitale and many others.... 13 June
Great wines in a unique shop. Enoteca Ferrowine is a temple for wine lovers, with its library format created by professional architects and designers. Here's what you can find in there... 12 June
Waiting for the final drumroll on the world’s 50 Best, here’s the bottom part of the ranking: the occupants of positions 51 to 100... 11 June
How does a wine cooperative work? We have asked Andreas Kofler, one of the youngest presidents of all, which advantages come form this activity.... 10 June
How to tell the difference between a quality gelateria and a not so good one to avoid disappointment? We asked the experts.... 09 June
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