World breakfasts. Sweden: smörgåsbord, kanelbulle, knäckebröd, filmjölk

It's called smörgåsbord and it's a special meal, typical of Sweden. The buffet-style breakfast offers a variety of sweet and savory specialties. Today we're exploring the typical breakfast dishes and sharing the recipe for kanelbulle, the country's famous cinnamon swirl.

Victorian era high tea at The Orangery in London. Finding the roots of the ritual

A widespread tradition around the world and including Italy, is British afternoon tea, an ancient habit born in the Victorian era. In honor of Queen Victoria the Orangery at Blenheim Palace in London has launched an initiative to rediscover recipes...

Easter in Poland: babka, mazurek and the Easter basket

Italy and Poland are two very different countries for culture, traditions and customs, including at the dinner table. On Easter Sunday, however, everything changes, and the deeply Christian spirit of the Polish people emerges through a meal that's very similar...
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