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For only 9.99€ you get the access to:

more than 2.350 winemakers from the Italian Wines Guide of the Gambero Rosso, plus the evaluations from the Gambero Rosso experts on each of them
more than 20.000 types of wine and their tasting notes
the list of the best Italian wine houses
the live news from the Gambero Rosso website

Automatic renewable yearly subscription €9,99

Download the Free App from your smartphone online store and get access to a portion of our database. If you subscribe to the application, paying €9.99, you get the completed access to the Gambero Rosso Wines database and receive the content updates for the entire year.
You can subscribe to Gambero Rosso Italian Wines on here or on your online store.
If you subscribe here, on your App please use the email account and password you used to buy the product on our website to login.

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