Ciro Salvo opens 50 Kalò in London: expectations and projects of the Neapolitan pizza maker

11 Apr 2018, 12:54 | a cura di Livia Montagnoli

The last Italian pizza maker to have succumbed to the call of the UK sirens is Ciro Salvo, who together with his historic partner Alessandro Guglielmini is preparing to export the 50 Kalò format in London, originally located on the Mergellina seafront in 2014.


In London, where he will open at the beginning of May 2018, the pizza chef from Campania will count on a privileged location in Trafalgar Square, with 200 square meter surface space in one of the busiest pedestrian areas of London. The idea, of course, is to reproduce in all respects the philosophy of the Neapolitan pizzeria, with quality preparations and products, many of which will be coming from Italy.

"The idea of opening in London was born a few years ago - says Ciro Salvo - I waited for the right time, I wanted to transfer the whole identity of 50 Kalò, and to do it at best I had to carefully study the right formula: this is a leap that can be done only when professionally mature and ready." What are your expectations? "I will try to bring my idea of pizza, hospitality and service to London, something that started about 25 years ago that has since evolved and matured over time".

The menu will be the same as the Mergellina branch, seating 100 and employing 20: "In London, a team is already taking care of the preliminary part, I will train the staff to transfer the know-how."

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