Italian Boutique Wineries Tour 2011

9 Mag 2011, 15:44 | a cura di Gambero Rosso

We are now up to the third edition of this event. Gambero Rosso pays special attention to small quality estates, those now internationally known as ‘boutique wineries’. The  term refers both to their size and to the artisanal care they devote to their wines. Often these are family-run businesses, sometimes really farms.

They are always top quality houses that interpret, with passion and dedication, their own territory and its traditional wines, often produced from native varieties.

Here are the stops on the tour proposed by Gambero Rosso, opportunities to meet with restaurateurs and the international media, with wine enthusiasts and professional tasters, and of course, with those in the trade. This is a key opportunity to show off the more familiar, authentic side of Italian wine and its great labels, in cities where wine is important: Paris (May 31st), Madrid (June 2nd), > Saint Petersburg (December 1).



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