In Florida, agreement signed between Gambero Rosso and Miami Culinary Institute

24 Mar 2014, 17:35 | a cura di Matteo Simonini
Gambero rosso during Its american tour, signed a significant agreement with Miami Dade College, one of the most important and respected educational institutions in the country with seven campus
and 175,000 students. The objective? To promote the culture of Made in Italy around the world.

With this partnership, the most deserving students will be able to attend Città del gusto cooking schools around Italy: Rome, Catania, Palermo, Torino, Naples and Milan. Thanks to this direct line between Italy and Florida, the American students will have first-hand experience of real Italian cucina. The Memorandum of Understanding, just signed in a ceremony organized in Miami at MDC’s Wolfson Campus, provides for Gambero Rosso offering scholarships to MDI’s most promising students, for synergy between Gambero Rosso Channel and the College’s television station, and for opportunities for direct contact with experts on the themes of culinary traditions and Italian wine culture. The agreement between Gambero Rosso and MDC was celebrated with a flute of prosecco superiore from Villa Sandi and aglass of the renowned red Vitiano made by Falesco.

"The signing of this agreement with an insitution as prestigious as Miami Dade College,” commented Paolo Cuccia, president of Gambero Rosso Holding, “is the fruit of a long-term commitment that Gambero Rosso has undertaken to explain and promote excellent Made in Italy products inside the most significant markets for Italian food and wine exports. Today more than ever the world wants to enjoy and know all about food and wine made in Italy. This positive trend has focused attention on a phenomenon that drastically limits the potential volume of the export of Italian food products, so-called ‘Italian-sounding’ goods, that is, the counterfeiting of famous traditional Italian products. The problem can be eliminated and overcome above all through educating consumers and professionals – chefs, restaurateurs, F&B managers and the many operators in the sector around the world.” This is not the first agreement of its kind signed by Gambero Rosso. Similar partnerships are already underway with Dusit Thani College in Bangkok and the International Culinary Institute of the Hospitality Industry Training and Devel opment Centre (HITDC) & Chinese Cuisine Training Institute (CCTI) of Hong Kong.

February 2014

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